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Slapping kittens in Wonder Land, where else?
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Pebblestep- Female

Rank: Warrior

Clan: Thunderclan

The last living memeber in her family, Pebblestep finds living hard these days. Her mother had died from a fox attack, her father in battle, and her brothers in birth. She has a half-brother and sister in Riverclan, but she couldn't hate them anymore. In her eyes, they were mistakes. 

Blueeyes- Female

Rank: Warrior

Clan: Riverclan

This senior has her fair share of battles, kits, and mates. And clan affairs. Her two last living kits are half Thunderclan. Her Riverclan mate passed them iff as his, but died in a winter river accident. She is a feirce old cat who puts up with nothing. 

Stripedshadow- Female

Rank: Warrior

Clan: Riverclan

Being the daughter of Blueeyes has never been easy for her. Neither has being an illegal warrior, but hey, not like anyone knows, right? Her father was a Thunderclan member, and she and Greybelly found out once their mother's Riverclan mate died. She's always worked hard to please her mother and clan, but she's as brave as any other cat, and a great fisher.

Greybelly- Male

Rank: Warrior

Clan: Riverclan

Fighting has always come easy to this vicious tom. He doesn't use words, more like his claws. Though he'd never challenge his sister nor his mother, he hates weakness. And his half-sister, Pebblestep. He feels like she thinks little of them, and often feels like she'd spill their secret at anytime. 

Ravenlight- Male

Rank: Warrior

Clan: Windclan

Ravenlight is a small tom, but a fast one. He is a quiet cat who keeps to himself, but doesn't mind company. He's a great hunter, but with his black pelt, hunting on the moors can be a challenge sometimes. 

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