Dark Side of the Forest...

A Warrior Cats Roleplay

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Hello there!

Welcome to Dark Side of the Forest, a Warrior Cats roleplay based off the bestselling series by Erin Hunter!

In order to dive into the fun this site has to offer, you must first create a character, or characters!

I will post below a format to follow when filling out your post! Please follow the exact format! Your post will be deleted once you have been added! Thank you for your patience and understanding!


Please fill out the following in this exact manner! 

This is the format to use when filling out your post, please follow this:


Gender: (tom or she-cat)

Appearances: (fur color/markings, eye color, etc.)

Personality: (please try to keep this to no more than six sentences!)

Clan: (Thunderclan, Shadowclan, Windclan, Riverclan)

Rank: (kit, apprentice, warrior; high postions - medicine cat, medicine cat apprentice, deputy, leader - will automatically be moved up. Please do not sign up for these ranks!)

Mate: (optional; if no mate, leave blank)

Kits: (optional; if no kits, leave blank)

ATTENTION ALL MEMBERS: This site unfortunately has limited pages and we do not have clan member pages yet. However, your post and character bio may be added to our partner site for the time being.

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